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Regional Social and Economic Trends (RSET)

The Regional Social and Economic Trends (RSET) Zamboanga Peninsula Region is a compendium of local level statistics which presents annual time series data on various sectors of the region and its component provinces, cities, and municipalities. It also contains data that are disaggregated in different dimensions and include a glossary of terms of official concepts and definitions or statistical purposes.

The Publication Contents & Uses
Presents major social economic developments at the regional and provincial levels in data series with textual analysis and graphical illustration added to highlight significant trends designed to address the need of local government planners and decision makers in the exercise of their devolved functions and to provide local business entrepreneurs and other investors with data useful in making marketing plans, decisions and strategies

Time Span of Data Contents
Data series ranging from 3-12 years with monthly breakdown for the latest annual data for some sectors

Geographic Area Code
Regional, provincial, city and municipality for some indicators

Agency:  Philippine Statistics Authority - Regional Statistical Services Office IX
Address: Dagdag Building, San Jose Road, Baliwasan, Zamboanga City
Telefax No.: (062) 957-4636 local 109 & 110

Title Attachment
2022 RSET PDF 2022 RSET
2021 RSET PDF 2021 RSET
2019 RSET PDF 2019 RSET
2018 RSET PDF 2018 RSET
2017 RSET PDF 2017 RSET
2016 RSET PDF 2016 RSET
2014 RSET PDF 2014 RSET