PSA IX Moves to its New Office Building

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Friday, December 23, 2016

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), Regional Statistical Services Office (RSSO) IX, on 21 November 2016, has finally transferred to its new location at Dagdag Building, San Jose Road, Baliwasan, Zamboanga City. The move was in response to the call to improve office facility in order to provide a more conducive working environment to the workforce. More than that however, the transfer was to address the growing number in clients obtaining Security Papers (SECPA) in civil registry documents: Birth, Marriage, and Death certificates, and Certificates of No Marriage (CENOMAR); aimed at delivering the same at client’s convenience, showcasing a solid, responsive and world-class PSA RSSO IX.

A pleasant working environment plays an important key in getting the most out of employees’ services and clients’ satisfaction. Hence, a bigger regional office with adequate facilities to better serve the general public in a risk-free environment was realized. This was thru the initiative of Mewchun WS Pamaran, Regional Director of PSA 9, Zamboanga City with the support of the regional staff.

The office in its new location is open from Monday to Friday as early as 7:00 am, to accommodate the working public so as to deter them from filing leave of absence for the purpose of securing a SECPA copy on Civil Registry documents. Payment for Birth, Marriage and Death certificate is at PhP140.00 and Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) for only PhP195.00 at the Serbilis Center Outlet. Clients may also avail the on-line application through the tips of their finger prints at the online service application for Birth, Marriage and Death certificates for only PhP315.00 and PhP415.00 for CENOMAR. For more information you may log on to (Vicente Sambilad/SOCD)